Act No. 94 of June 16, 2011 (“Act No. 94”) provides an amnesty consisting of the total elimination of interest, penalties and surcharges on certain unpaid real and personal property taxes. In addition, Act No. 94 provides for the elimination of fifty percent (50%) of the principal of personal property tax debt for the year 2000 and previous years for taxpayers that duly avail themselves of the amnesty.

Administrative Order 11-03 (“Order”) was published by the Executive Director of the Municipal Revenues Collection Center (“CRIM” for its Spanish acronym) to implement the amnesty relief established by Act No. 94. According to the Order, the 90-day amnesty period starts on July 14 and ends on October 11, 2011. Certain eligibility standards, procedures, and rules are set forth in the Order as follows.

I. Eligibility of Taxpayers

a. The taxpayer must have paid the real property tax for fiscal
year 2010-2011 and the first semester of fiscal year 2011-2012.

b. The taxpayer must have filed the personal property tax return and paid the corresponding personal property tax for the years 2009 and 2010.

II. Procedure to Request Tax Amnesty

a. File Form BC-72 (real property tax) or Form BC-73 (personal property tax). If filing is done in a municipal office designated by CRIM, file Form BC-74. The respective form should be executed as a sworn statement.